6 Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Legally

Anime websites are a source of fun and entertainment for those who spend most of their time watching TV and shows in order to enjoy the best-animated content. There are various shows for kids and adults on the websites having anime content, including dramas, seasons, and all of them are categorized in a different section from where the users can choose their own selection.

In case you want the best anime websites to watch the latest shows and programs, then we have suggestions for you. Here is the list of best anime websites that you can try in order to stream the best anime content.

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1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll – Best Anime Website

Crunchyroll is a famous platform where lots of users get to watch different types of content and stream their favorite ones to spend their time. At crunchyroll.com, there are sections for each type of category for the user to select and start watching their favorite content for free of charge. The site has the following features.


  • It is free and one of the best anime sites to stream all types of anime on demand.
  • Users have the control to add reviews to any anime series that they have recently watched.
  • The videos and content on this website are shareable to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • This platform is supported in multiple languages for anime content that includes English, Dutch, France, Italian, and more.

Watch – Crunchyroll

2. Amazon Anime

Amazon Anime - Best Anime Website
Amazon Anime – Best Anime Website

Amazon anime is another suggestion as to the best anime website that requires a subscription or purchase of animated movies. Because of the huge collection of anime on this website, users can find almost every type of anime here. But users have to pay some amount in order to watch premium content on this website. Some features of this anime website are.


  • This website allows the purchase of anime content easily.
  • This anime website has a great variety of videos and movies.
  • There is also a subtitles option for anime movies.
  • The video support and supported animation quality for streaming and viewing are HD and 4K.
  • Anime content in multiple languages.

Watch – Amazon Anime

3. ConTV

ConTV - Best Anime Website
ConTV – Best Anime Website

CONtv is another best anime website that lets you watch and stream your favorite anime content. This site has a vast collection of anime to watch for free without any cost. Users can make use of this site to stream their favorite anime content easily. some features of this anime website are.


  • This website has a good list of original anime shows, genre movies, anime comics, and more.
  • This anime website fits best with web browsers, iOS platforms, and Android phones.
  • Users have the ability to add videos to the watch list.
  • The content here is free of cost.

Watch – ConTV

4. Kissanime.ru

Kissanime -  Best Anime Website
Kissanime – Best Anime Website

Kissanime is a famous name that has gained its popularity over the years due to its vast library of anime content, and there are categories of all types which a user can scroll and search for his favorite genre in order to enjoy free anime content. The content here can be watched easily, or users can also use the download button to get the content downloaded on their system. There are few amazing features of this website for anime.


  • There is a vast collection of anime series that includes various movies, dramas, horror, and other relevant categories.
  • The content available on this anime website is download for free of any charge.
  • There are multiple video quality resolutions for the anime content to watch, such as 240p to 1080p.
  • The content uploaded has subtitles with it that can help in a better understanding of the content.
  • It is free to use as no account is needed to be registered first in order to manage and watch your favorite anime content.

Watch – Kissanime

5. Funimation

Funimation - Best Anime Website
Funimation – Best Anime Website

In case you are still looking for more best anime websites, then Funimation provides a lot of anime content where there is a collection of dubbed content for the TV shows and programs as well as anime content. The users get the opportunity to use the website according to their choice and select their own dubbed content, which they understand better. There are few ads that pop up on this website, but the overall experience here is great. Some features of this anime website are.


  • Users get to watch subbed/dubbed versions
  • There are various ongoing anime series available
  • The premium subscription allows the stream on two screens
  • Easily accessible through different countries of the world

Watch – Funimation

6. 9anime

9anime - Best Anime Website
9anime – Best Anime Website

9anime is the last recommendation as to the best anime website for you. There are a lot of quality videos and anime content available on this website. This platform is huge with decent content and high streaming. This is a free website that doesn’t require any subscriptions in order to let you watch your favorite anime content. The amazing features of this anime website are.


  • It is free, and the users have access to any dubbed content easily without having to register an account.
  • There is a great collection of anime e on this site.
  • It has various categories for anime to watch.
  • It supports HD quality anime content and also displays the upcoming anime series accessible by the users.

Watch – 9anime


This was a discussion about the best anime websites that allow free anime content and their streaming and easy access for the users. We discussed best-recommended options as per the user’s review from the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 9anime to Safe?

9anime is a safe website for watching anime content as long as the user is using the correct URL for the domain network. There are few ads on the website, but they are tolerable. The user data is safe, and they can even set a pop-up blocker to avoid any unusual ads.

What are the best anime websites?

Following are some of the best anime websites to use.
• Crunchyroll.com.
• Funimation.
• 9anime.to.

Is 9anime safe to use?

Yes, 9anime completely safe to use, just make sure you are using correct domain.
Updated: July 26, 2021 — 7:18 am

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