Best Carbon Footprint Calculators You Can Use

Daily we perform different activities, and sometimes we wonder what impact our lifestyle has on the environment. Carbon footprint is the number of gases and, most significantly, carbon dioxide gas, including greenhouse gases, that are released into the atmosphere by the lifestyle of a human being. This can be measure on different levels starting from the impact drawn by the activities of a single human to an entire nation. 

How carbon footprint is calculated?

While creating a carbon footprint for an activity, many of the things are considered. We can say that if you are going to buy some groceries, you might use a car to go there, and thus, burning of fossil fuels will occur, leading to the release of greenhouse gases. Now the employees of the store and the resources that are being used there also have their carbon footprint the products and items that were shipped there were also a factor involved in the carbon footprint The growth and cultivation of the fruits and vegetables that are present in the store were also a factor being 

The release of methane is even more harmful than CO2 now if you bring together all these activities only to calculate the carbon footprint for this activity. 

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How can I calculate my carbon footprint?

You can use online calculators to get a rough estimate of your carbon footprint. It would be calculated based on your daily activities, including cooking, fertilization, travel by car or air, etc. Although the results given by those calculators are not entirely efficient, you can still get an idea of how much co2 you are generating and what measures you can take to reduce it.

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Companies can use the best ways to reduce carbon footprint by planting more trees using appliances that use less energy and starting projects that help in the renewable energy processes.

Online Best Calculators for Carbon Footprint

Here we have mentioned some of the calculators that you can use to calculate the carbon footprint. We have highlighted the differences between them and how they work.

WWF Ecological Footprint Calculator

WWF Ecological Footprint Calculator
WWF Ecological Footprint Calculator

This calculator consists of a questionnaire provided to you, and several questions are asked to you regarding your activities, lifestyle, habits, and likes and dislikes. Based on those answers, the results are calculated. This takes five minutes to fill in that questioner based on four main topics: foodstuff, home and travel information. There are two versions of this calculator one is the British version, and the other is Australian. As the British version is going through some maintenance, you can prefer the Australian version of this calculator. The pound is used as the currency, so keep that in mind while doing your calculations stuff. Also, as the methods that this calculator will consider will be US-based, you need to understand that the results might be skewed. 

  • Easy and quick calculate
  • User-friendly graphics
  • Additional information to help you out during answering
  • Provides methods to overcome this high carbon footprint
  • Oversimplified answers
  • Do not provide exact math for the questions
  • Approximation rather than a precise calculation
  • Overseas travel is difficult to calculate

Check: WWF Ecological Footprint Calculator Carbon Calculator Carbon Calculator Carbon Calculator

This is a free calculator that helps calculate the impacts of the household activities of an individual. This allows you to compare your footprint with the other countries and people from around the globe in this calculator. You are given two options you can either calculate the print for an individual, or it can be for the household. Other tans are provided for different categories such as houses, motorbikes cars flight railway etc. This takes 15 minutes approx. Unlike the WWW footprint calculator, the answers are not in multiple-choice to fill in all the details. Instead, you have to input the answers by yourself.

  • A broader view of your lifestyle
  • Details about your consumptions
  • More accurate strategy
  • Methods for reduction of carbon footprint are also provided
  • Not all the airport locations are provided
  • I could not add up all the trips due to this
  • Less interactive


EPA Victoria‘s Australian Greenhouse Calculator

EPA Victoria‘s Australian Greenhouse Calculator
EPA Victoria‘s Australian Greenhouse Calculator

In this calculator, you are provided with a questionnaire that can collect data from you from various categories and collect the information accurately. This calculator was initiated in Victoria, and SBi labs are maintaining it. The purpose of this calculator was to take measures to shrink the carbon footprint that is causing severe problems for the environment and is a factor behind global warming. Eleven categories are provided in this calculator that includes travel heating, cooling shopping, cooking etc. This takes 15 minutes to fill in and answer all the questions. 

  • Highly visual
  • Easy to use
  • Various categories
  • Accurate calculations
  • Comparison with other results
  • Relevant data provided
  • Extra additional information
  • A visual breakdown of your results
  • No exact figure for the waste category
  • It doesn’t change the GHS
  • Out of date assumptions

Check: EPA Victoria’s Australian Greenhouse Calculator


The results of each of the calculators depend on the methods that different organizations and their assumptions use. You can use these calculators to calculate your carbon footprint, and thus you can decide what measurements you can take to reduce it. This helps you to contribute your part in decreasing the release of greenhouse gases. 

What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the number of gases and, most significantly, carbon dioxide gas, including greenhouse gases, that are released into the atmosphere by the lifestyle of a human being.

How to reduce carbon footprint?

There are various ways to reduce the carbon footprint that includes using public transport using appliances that are energy efficient and less meat consumption.

How do you become carbon neutral?

Carbon offsets and greenhouse removals should be used to become carbon neutral.
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