Best Dark Mode Extensions for Chrome in 2022

Google presented the Dark Mode choice in Chrome last year, carrying the much-needed element to sites to support it locally. It’s accessible on most devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows 10, but possibly works on the off chance you pick the dark theme on your telephone or PC. Thankfully, regardless of whether you don’t need the dark theme across all your applications, you can still use the dark mode while surfing through the websites using the best dark mode extensions for Chrome.

Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

We will discuss the best dark mode extension present at the moment. We’ll likewise show you the best way to turn on the local dark mode alternative covered up inside Google Chrome and educate you concerning the best dark subjects you can use to spruce up your program in Gothic delicacy. So right away, how about we look at the ten best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome.

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Just Black

Just Black – Best Chrome Extensions\

Just Black is a theme, which darkens your whole setup, including the New Tab pages, and that’s just the beginning. It comes from the chrome team itself, which implies it’s steady, dependable, and with no swell. Notwithstanding, since it darkens the whole program from head to toe, you might think that it’s a bit overpowering if you need to hold a scramble of shading in your program. It likewise doesn’t offer a large amount of more upgraded customization choices provided by third-party themes.

Check: Just Black


  • Developed by chrome team
  • It darkens the whole program
  • It doesn’t offer unnecessary customizations

Dark Reader

Dark Reader - Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome
Dark Reader – Best Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Dark Reader is likely the most utilized and most popular dark mode expansion on the number of browsers. It rearranges splendid shadings on-site, making them high difference and simple to read during the night. You can change brilliance, contrast, sepia channel, dark mode, text style setting,s and disregard list. The most extraordinary thing? It is free and open-source programming (FOSS) that doesn’t show advertisements and doesn’t gather user information.

Check: Dark Reader


  • Most popular extension
  • Works on all browsers
  • Manual options to set the theme
  • Free to use

Night Eye

Night Eye - Best Dar Mode Extensions for Google Chrome
Night Eye – Best Dar Mode Extensions for Google Chrome

Dissimilar to Dark Reader, Night Eye empowers dark mode utilizing its exclusive calculation rather than rearranging the shadings. As well as essentially empowering dark mode, it additionally gives you plenty of choices to control the implicit dark themes on locales that have it. For instance, you can handle the inherent dark themes of YouTube DuckDuckGo and Reddit, and numerous others. Along with any remaining sites that don’t have implicit dull mode, Night Eye will change over the shadings for a smooth and reliable dark theme.

Check: Night Eye


  • Uses exclusive calculations
  • Plenty of theme choices
  • Smooth and reliable dark theme

Dark Theme for Google Chrome

Dark Theme for Google Chrome
Dark Theme for Google Chrome

It offers a compelling approach to bring darkness to Google Chrome for improved efficiency. It utilizes a shading that is just 80% dark rather than the black background offered from Just Black. The engineers say that the dull dim shading makes it highly advantageous for reading during the night without eye strain. It comes from the very engineer that offers the following extension on our rundown.

Check: Dark Theme for Google Chrome


  • It brings Improved efficiency to Chrome
  • Partial darkening

Turn off the Lights

Turn off The Lights
Turn off The Lights

‘Turn off Lights’ is different from other Extensions in this rundown. It’s intended for video-real time sites and spotlights on present playing video while diminishing the remainder of the substance to offer users a dramatic encounter. You can utilize the darkening component by tapping on a ‘light’ button that fills in as a switch. Turn off lights works for practically totally referred to video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Youku, and so forth.

Check: Turn off the Lights


  • Intended for videos sites
  • Theatrical look
  • It can be used along with other extensions

Midnight Lizard

Midnight Lizard
Midnight Lizard

Midnight lizard separates itself from others by offering a solitary dark theme, however various pre-characterized and adjustable greyscale and brilliant shading plans. It is outstanding amongst other dull mode extensions for Google Chrome, assuming you need granular controls for everything. You can set similar colors for all sites or various tones for various sites. There’s likewise a blue light channel like cell phones, just as the capacity to change a specific style, arrange backgrounds, text, catches, joins, lines, pictures, and scrollbars.

Check: Midnight Lizard


  • Facilitated by Github
  • Single dark theme
  • Adjustable greyscale
  • Various tones for different sites

Dark Mode

Dark Mode for Google Chrome
Dark Mode for Google Chrome

Last however certainly not least is ‘Dark Mode’ that allows you to apply a worldwide dark theme to sites. Like most different ones on our rundown, this expansion likewise accompanies a toolbar button that lets you effectively and rapidly turn it ON or OFF. Notwithstanding the default dark mode, it additionally accompanies more than 50 unique themes that can be empowered from the alternatives page.


So now you must have an idea about which extensions and themes you can use to turn on dark mode on Google Chrome. While every one of them has their uses and particular manners of getting things done, they are all good at their work. Some of them referenced here likewise offer more granular controls than others, which exceptional users will undoubtedly appreciate. So go on, give them a shot and let us know which one turned out best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn everything dark in Chrome?

Open chrome.
Go to the settings.
Select dark mode.

Is there a dark mode for Google Chrome?

Yes, you can go to the settings and quickly select the dark mode from there.

How do I get rid of dark mode in Google chrome?

You can go to the settings. There is an option for enabling the dark mode and disabling too, and you just have to click on the disable you will get rid of dark mode.
Updated: May 19, 2022 — 5:26 pm

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