5 Best Discord Server for Valheim You Can Join

Discord is the best app to provide chat and communication for gaming stuff. People who love to play Valheim and other such games for their entertainment prefer to use servers like discord and many other alternatives. Discord is currently one of the most used and well-known platforms by gamers to develop a community and enjoy good teamwork. But people have been searching for the best discord server for Valheim.

In case you are one of the Valheim fans who are looking for the best discord server for Valheim, then there are few choices to look upon. We have listed them all in this discussion below to show you which are the best discord servers for Valheim.

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Best Discord Server for Valheim

Here is a list of the best discord server for Valheim from which you can get a better idea about each of the servers available.

1. Valheim Community

Valheim Discord Server
Valheim Discord Server

The first and powerful server is the Valheim community. In order to determine the quality of a server, one can analyze the number of members that are part of the server. There are a huge number of members on the Valheim Community server. The members here don’t get involved in your positive or negative activities, and they don’t respond in any way. It is a good community server with more than 20,000 members that can provide good growth for your personal server.

This server for discord lets you meet your friends and allows you to create new friends and make new memories along with sharing stuff to enjoy the work together with a grow the community. Each people can portray his own unique style in this discord server, and connecting to them is really easy. This server is open for the members to join, and for the people who are part of the Valheim Community, they stay the most active throughout the year.

2. Valheim Global

Valheim Global

Valheim Global is another one of the discord servers that provides easy connection and links up with the best players in the world. You can join server chats and rooms for talking and connecting with new people here. This server is globally accessible, and different languages are also usable on this platform. It has various features to keep the interest of the gamers.

There is a good thing about the Valheim Global Discord server that it provides the versatility of adding new tools to the list so that you can make the best out of this server for Valheim. It doesn’t have any restrictions or conditions, which is why it might be your best choice.

3. Daddy

In case you want to consider a discord server for Valheim with popularity, then Daddy is another discord server that is considered as one of the best servers for Valheim. There is a boasting huge number of members found on this platform. You can expect more than 250k members to use this discord server for several games to stay engaged in different activities. They have separate rooms for Valheim, COD, Battlefield, etc.

This discord server is a good option to consider because it lets you create private rooms you’re your friends and lets you share files and other things like images for a detailed view of any data. This is a good server to start with.

4. Valheim – Official Discord Server

Best Discord server for Valheim
Best Discord server for Valheim

For Valheim, there is also an official discord server where players can gather and share their resources and communicate effectively with each other. There is a huge community on this discord server with a membership of around 164k, and you can expect it to be one of the largest Valheim communities in one place. The players are free to discuss problems and share resources and discuss more the game and relevant topics.

You will find a clean environment at this server as the rules here are pretty strict for the players, and they must obey them in order to remain on the server. Otherwise, any person who violates the rule of the group is kicked out from the server, and they are not allowed to join again. You can say that this is one of the best servers for Valheim.

5. Army of the North

Best Discord server for Valheim
Best Discord server for Valheim

In case you are still wondering what other servers are available for Valheim at discord, then Army of the North is another best discord server for Valheim where users get good support from the team, and the members are cool as well. You can try out new things at this server, and there isn’t much of the traffic yet at this server, but the quality is still maintained. Users can feel free to connect with other users here.

There are also some strict rules followed on this platform that includes conditions for racism or any abusive content. Promotion of other discord channels is not allowed. The players can make new friends by playing Valheim and using this best discord server for Valheim; they can connect to multiple users at the same time to learn more about the game.

All of these servers are good sources to find a community or group to discuss more Valheim and learn various new things. The servers are secure, and they don’t allow any third-party interruption. Users can make the best use of these servers to enjoy the Valheim experience.


This was a discussion about the best discord server for Valheim, and we discussed the rooms and their benefits. More info can be found at the discord community if you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Valheim have community servers?

Valheim does have community servers where players from different parts of the world can join together and discuss various things about the game. After loading and selecting the character in the game, there is a choice for the person to join any of the active community servers from their friends or steam friend list.

How can I start a Valheim server?

To start a Valheim server, nothing is tricky. It is just a simple procedure that includes a strong internet connection, and the person must be using a strong computer. Hosting can be done by creating a new world or choosing the existing server.

Which one is the #1 discord server?

Fornite game discord server is the #1 discord server on discord.
Updated: July 28, 2021 — 6:22 am

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