Best Discord Servers for Among Us in 2022

Among Us was launched a few years back, and it has gained a lot of popularity for its easy play and quickly accessible features in the game. Players from the entire world are playing this game which made it one of the most popular games in 2020. The players make use of the discord server for Among Us, and they stay in touch by communicating and making decisions together.

Does this bring us to the thought of what might be the best discord server for Among Us game? So to find the answer, you have to read our article where we listed the best discord server for Among Us and the reason for their popularity.

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Best Discord Servers for Among Us

Here is the best discord servers list from which you can join for playing Among Us.


Innersloth - Best Discord Servers for Among Us
Innersloth – Best Discord Servers for Among Us

Innersloth is one of the most accessed and used servers by the players who are fond of Among Us game. This server is loaded with clients across the world as it has large interactions and easy access for chat rooms. In recent years, it was recorded to have 383k members in the server from all around the world.

It is the most suitable server where you can join globally and interact with other players to discuss things about the game. You can get hints and spoilers from the discussions, and you can also know about the updates from the latest releases. The discord server will help you play the game as well as hear the voice chats of the players during the game for better interaction.

You will be able to stay more active in the game, and you will find the imposter over voice chat so that you can easily select them or catch them out. You should know that this server has some very strict rules that can get you banned in case you don’t follow them. You have to read all the terms and rules that are applied on the server before you start making any decisions by yourself.


Daddy - Best Discord Servers for Among Us
Daddy – Best Discord Servers for Among Us

Daddy is another Discord server for Among Us, which is quite famous for providing chat rooms for famous online games like COD, LOL, and a lot more options. This is a dedicated channel for gaming, and players love to get on this server due to its simple-to-use interface and all the discussions happening in front of you where you can request to join different chat rooms.

There were 237k members on this server, according to a survey in 2020, and the number is growing as more players are joining the games day by day. You can use this server for voice chatting to play Among Us and find out the imposter easily. There are easy-to-use tools and some quickly accessible features that make your experience worth it.

In this server, you get to make voice calls to your peers and private chats along with group chats and interact with supportive staff to get you out of any trouble. There is also an option to watch some anime content on this server which makes it a more user-friendly option. Making friends gets easier by using this discord server for Among Us.

Among Us Global

Among Us Global
Among Us Global

Among Us Global is a discord server for the game having a huge community followed by the best fan base who are crazy about this game and who want to stay updated with the latest news. This server has a membership of about 139k members as per the 2020 survey, and the number is increasing consistently, with more members joining the server each month.

It has a high rating for its value of accessibility and features that are offered to the users, and there is a strict rule and regulation set by the admins, and the players who avoid the rules are banned instantly. It’s a secure and safe server to interact with other Among Us game followers. Matchmaking and finding new players on this server is pretty easy by joining different discussions.

There are various giveaways on this server where lucky winners get premium gifts, and they get to interact with lots of others players, to sum up, new info and records on the server. You can win various goodies and free rewards by joining the community and staying active on the platform.

Among Us India

Among Us India
Among Us India

The last best discord server for Among Us is the Among Us India, which is hosted and managed in India, and most of the users from India are part of this server. The Indian players have direct and easy accessibility to this discord server with a community of 28k members where you can interact with others and invite them to play games with you to find the imposter.

The bot support and voice chat support are enabled on this discord server, and there are some cool features offered to the users, such as music bots and various other things. You don’t have to worry about interacting with Indians as there are other players too that can join the server, and you can chat with them to bring them to your team.


This was a discussion about the best discord server for Among Us game in which we discussed all the information of the servers available for chatrooms of this game. You can use any of these servers and make your experience more fun.


How do I use discord among us?

To use discord on Among Us game, you can follow the steps given here.
• Launch Discord app.
• Go to the Settings of Discord and scroll near the bottom-left corner.
• Select the ‘Overlay’ option, which is found under ‘App Settings.’
• Then you can click on the option that says ‘Enable in-game overlay. ‘

Which is the best discord server for Among Us?

Following are the best and most widely used discord servers for Among Us game in 2021.
• Innersloth
• Daddy
• Among Us Global
• Among Us India

Which is the most popular discord server?

Currently ChillZone is the most popular Discord server.
Updated: May 19, 2022 — 5:25 pm

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