5 Best Discord Servers for Minecraft You Can Use

Minecraft is one of the most famous and out-class games has been an attention catcher for gamers since its release. Sometimes when you are fed up playing alone and want to join a community of gamers where you could play games with others, discuss different ideas and game strategies, what comes up in your mind is discord. Discord server allows you to play games with other players and make new friends while being part of an active community. Our utmost purpose in this article is to bring forth five discord servers to join now to play Minecraft. You can go through this article and decide at the end which one is suitable for you according to your needs and preferences.

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Best Discord Servers for Minecraft
Mystic – Best Discord Servers for Minecraft

With 33k members, the mystic is one of the top discord servers that you can use. This server has got highly positive reviews with a rating of 4.5. You should join this server if you are looking for a server that offers giveaways revolving around Minecraft. Mystic community is filled with people who are welcoming. The high-spirited and energetic environment makes it the best discord server for Minecraft. You can talk to other players 24/7, and along with that, you can access all of the modes of the game Minecraft in this discord all at once. 


  • A vibrant and lively community 
  • $100 Discord Nitro giveaway
  • Share your ideas and gameplay
  • High rated 

Purple Prison

Best Discord Servers for Minecraft
Purple Prison – Best Discord Servers for Minecraft

If you have just started your Minecraft journey, then this server is best for you. It is also highly recommended by gamers who have been in this community for years. Joining this discord server will allow you to gather with your friends in a place where you can talk to them and share your ideas anytime you want. Giveaways offered here act like a cherry on top and other mind-blowing features provided by this discord server. One other good thing about this server is their strict guidelines and are correctly implemented in the community. You would most likely never come across any abusive or toxic member or player. This gives the users a calm and friendly environment where they can fulfill their needs and play together with the players from all over the world and get to know about different strategies that other fellow users use.


  • Discoed bots to implement guidelines 
  • Check against unnecessary posts 
  • Strict policies against spams 
  • Discord Nitro premium giveaway 

Cosmic Craft

Best Discord Servers for Minecraft
Cosmic Craft – Best Discord Servers for Minecraft

It is not a big surprise to know that this server is voted as the best one for playing mine craft by its users. The moderators of this server bring forth numerous features that make it the best choice for the users. This server offers a user-friendly community that makes your game even more enjoyable. This server’s giveaway is not something that is provided at other discord servers for Minecraft. The environment and the users on this server are welcoming, and there is no toxic activity or discussion that you can find on this server. Cosmic craft has done a great job at making this server vibrant along with keeping a moderate environment. This can be a home for someone who is looking for a discord server to play Minecraft.


  • Moderation 
  • Discord’s premium Nitro giveaways 
  • User-friendly 
  • Non-toxic discussion

Minecraft SMP

Best Discord Servers for Minecraft
SMP – Best Discord Servers for Minecraft

With more than 63 K members, this is the most user-friendly server you can use. Suppose you need any support regarding any issue. This might be a good choice for you. The community members are super welcoming and always ready to help each other either you need any help with java edition or tickets won’t let you down, and they will be there for your use. You can also play many other popular games on this server get into a live chat with other users. This discord server also has a live chat for other games too. If you want to try out some fun with new friends and share your ideas and gameplay with them, then this is the best server for you 


  • active chats for multiple games
  • friendly community
  • supporting and helpful users
  • largest Minecraft community

The Vent 

Best Discord Servers for Minecraft
The Vent – Best Discord Servers for Minecraft

This server is a newer one with great reviews and positive recommendations. It is not very popular but a good server that you can use for playing Minecraft. This can also be a great companion for your journey through your Minecraft gameplay. You can create your group in this sever, set some rules that are implemented at once, and govern your rule’s environment by moderating. One of the features that are not provided by other servers on this list is that there are no moderators or bots to implement a check and balance. It is in your hands to enforce the rule and govern them accordingly. Although the community here is toxic and friendly, you can be kicked of certain lobbies sometimes. But these server offers are features that can be used as a positive thing to join this server to play Minecraft.


  • No moderators and bots
  • New server with great reviews 
  • In toxic environment


In this list, we have provided you with some of the servers that you can use to help you play Minecraft and take help from others. These discord servers will give you a friendly environment in which you can share your ideas and gameplay with people from around the globe and can make new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 Minecraft server?

Hypixel is currently the most used server for Minecraft.

Are there any discord servers for Minecraft?

There are a lot of servers online that you can use for Minecraft.

What is discord used for?

Discord is used to play games with other users in a large community while communicating with them.
Updated: July 28, 2021 — 6:22 am

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