5 Best Internet Speed Test Sites to Check Internet Speed

Sometimes while enjoying a show on Netflix or playing some game with friends on discord, you notice some high ping in your game or constant buffering in your Netflix streaming. This makes you wonder either the amount of bandwidth you are getting seven with the amount you are paying for it or not? A quick internet speed test can help you know about the speed and band witch of your internet connection. You can use the number of sites to do a speed test. The best strategy is to try multiple locations and then conclude about the bandwidth of your internet. 

Before getting into an argument with your internet service provider about the slow speed of your internet, it is the best idea to test your internet speed before that.

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Best Internet Speed Test Sites

Let’s now have a look at some of the best internet speed testing sites. Here we have provided some of the best sites that you can use to perform your speed test. 


Best internet speed test sites
SpeedOf.me – Best internet speed test sites

Java is used in most testing sites to test internet speed, but this s not the case with this website. Instead of any third party, this site collects the information about speed directly from the browser with the help of HTML5 that helps to increase the chances that the test you performed is accurate. This site is useable in all kinds of websites used nowadays, such as chrome safari and Firefox. The tests can be performed on all of your devices, including the iPad too! It uses an available server that is reliable at the time. This is an extremely easy-to-use website that you can rely on, and it doesn’t take longer than eight seconds to calculate the overall performance of your internet. Starting from the slowest to the fastest connection, this speed testing site is reliable for all. 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth and quick
  • Over 100 servers
  • Both mobile and desktop services
  • Keeps History of tests
  • Graphics are not good enough
  • Unit display can’t be changed
  • No account registration
  • Unappealing advertisements

Check: SpeedOf.Me


Best internet speed test sites
TestMy.net – Best internet speed test sites

This site is used for testing the connections for over 20 years. This website is easy to use and works on all the servers. This site also provides stats for your internet bandwidth that’s a feature not offered by other sites. The display provided after the test is performed is easy to understand, making it an accessible site to use compared to other sites operated around you. This also shows the result of other users of this site to see the test results of the people of different countries and the results of the test performed recently on the site.

  • HTML5 used for testing
  • Not ISP affiliated
  • Easy to read results
  • Saved History
  • Not many appealing graphics

Check: TestMy.net


Best internet speed test sites
Speedtest.net – Best internet speed test sites

This is the most commonly used website with running 50 million tests per month. This is a powerful static tool that is easy to use and gives accurate results to your speed tests. When it’s time to test your internet speed, this might prove as the best site. If you have no idea about which area you can use to test your internet speed, and you might need to go through many sites, you can try this site for sure, which might help you save some time and energy. You can pick between KBs and MBs before starting the test 

  • Number of test locations to increase accuracy
  • Display like speedometer
  • Shareable via social networks
  • App versions available
  • Heavy Graphics
  • Locations limited to North America and Europe

Check: Speedtest.net

Bandwidth Place Speed Test

Best internet speed test sites
Bandwidth Place – Best internet speed test sites

With 20 serves globally, this is also one of the best speed testing sites that you can use. This site works with HTML5 to get a speed test that is accurate and reliable. It is more preferable for the speed tests that are done on mobile phones. This can be used with other websites if you want to confirm the speed test of your previously performed test. It should not be the only site you should use and rely on your speed test.

  • Easy to use
  • Good for mobile phones
  • Uses HTML5
  • 20 serves around the globe
  • Only best for mobile phones
  • No app version
  • It cannot be used as the only testing site

Check: Bandwidth Place

Speakeasy/Fusion Speed Test

Best internet speed test sites
Speakeasy – Best internet speed test sites

This site chooses the server automatically, or sometimes you have to pick it manually, and then it lets you test the speed of your test from that short-listed server. If you are interested n testing your internet speed in areas specified in the US or to Any of the closest servers, this is the perfect site for you. This server is also a prevalent server among the recent ones, and it is very similar to that of speedtest.net. You can rely on the test results provided by this site. 

  • Easy test result display
  • Easy to understand graphics
  • The US specified servers
  • Similar to speedtest.net
  • Only specific to the US

Check: Speakeasy


We have listed some of the best sites to use if you want to get an accurate internet speed test and information about the bandwidth. These sites will help you know the speed with accuracy, and they are easy to use. You can test the speed of your net with one click by using these sites. And they are also reliable for you.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the most accurate internet speed test site?

Speedtest.net is a reliable and most accurate speed test site that you can use.

What is the best way to test my internet speed?

Speedtest by the Ookla app is the best way to test the speed of your net.

Do Wi-Fi boosters increase the internet speed?

Yes, Wi-Fi boosters can be used to increase your internet speed by filing the dead spots.
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