Top 4 Best Music Streaming Service in India 2022

Music is a part of Indian culture, and the people of India love listening to music a lot. Due to this, the streaming services for music in India have high usage, and there are some music streaming services in India that are providing the best content to users all over India.

In case you are looking for the best music streaming service in India, then here are some recommendations that you should try.

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Best Music Streaming Service in India

Following are the best music streaming services that you are looking for.


Gaana - Best Music Streaming Service in India
Gaana – Best Music Streaming Service in India

Gaana is a top music streaming service in India from which lots of Indians are enjoying the latest quality content and top music services. It has a huge library of regional music, including some cultural touch a lot with the latest hip-hop. There are millions of users that are currently using Gaana, and it has made it possible for every Indian to stream their favorite music and relax.

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  • Gaana is currently the most used and streamed app in India for music.
  • It regularly updates with the top charts and grossing music.
  • There are various genres and categories for all types of music.
  • Users can stream and make a playlist for their music choice.
  • It supports the highest music playback with about 320kbps.
  • Huge collection of Regional music
  • Latest top-charting
  • Trendy tracks
  • Daily Mixes
  • There are short videos that are not needed.


Spotify - Best Music Streaming Service in India
Spotify – Best Music Streaming Service in India

Spotify is a piece of well-known music streaming app across the globe, and currently, it has about 15% market share in India for streaming the best music content. It was launched in India, 2019, and since then, it is among the best music streaming service in India. There are patched deals with almost all of the major music studios that the company now offers for streaming. This app not only streams Bollywood music but also provides international tracks as well.

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  • It has a huge collaboration with the largest labels in India, such as Saregama.
  • There are all types of Bollywood and international music collections available now for streaming.
  • It has a bloating number of 40-50 million songs in its library.
  • Listeners from any part of the country can access it and use it without any problems.
  • It has collaborated with the best music studios in India and provides fresh music content daily.
  • It has beautifully curated playlists
  • There is a top song recommendation every day
  • Podcasts are supported
  • Beautiful interface and user-friendly design
  • The home page feels quite busy


JioSaavn - Best Music Streaming Service in India
JioSaavn – Best Music Streaming Service in India

JioSaavn is another best music streaming service in India that has a 24% share in the market in the music industry of India. This platform boost in 2018 after the merge of Jio-Saavn. There are great hits and favorite songs to stream for the users. It has a big library with over more than 50 million songs which include all types and categories such as Indian, Bollywood, regional and different languages. Some features of this music streaming service are.

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  • It has a huge library with about 50 million or more songs from all categories.
  • It supports multiple language songs and provides streaming for all types.
  • There is a beautiful and likable user interface that shows all the latest releases.
  • There is a download option for the music, and users can also go through recent search history.
  • Big library for music for all types
  • Easily and usable interface
  • Best accessible features
  • Easy play and stream options
  • The recommended options for songs are average.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music - Best Music Streaming Service in India
Wynk Music – Best Music Streaming Service in India

Another option as the best music service in India is Wynk Music that is owned by Airtel. This music streaming service has made lots of improvements over the years, and it has a good 15% of the market share in India. There are about 10 million songs in its directory, which are not enough as compared to other streaming services in India, but they are enough to find the top hits and best music released over the years. The features of Wynk Music are.

Listen to Wynk Music


  • There are solid music libraries with collections of all types.
  • Currently, it offers great music services all over India.
  • There are subscription plans at reasonable prices that offer the customers to get access to more music.
  • A music downloading feature is also available.
  • There is; limited music download as a free tier
  • There is a big library of Bollywood and regional tracks
  • Best for Airtel users
  • High bitrate
  • The library doesn’t have enough songs as compared to competitors


This was a discussion about the best music streaming service in India, which included the top apps that we discussed here. For more info, visit these apps.


Which is the Best Free Music App for users in India?

In case you want to look for the best free music app in India, then Wynk Music is offering all the free music content for streaming and listening for the players. There are other options like Gaana and JioSaavn that provide a good music collection.

Which music streaming service is the best?

Following are the best music streaming services.
• Spotify.
• Apple Music.
• Amazon Music Unlimited.
• Tidal HiFi.
• YouTube Music.

Which is the most used music streaming app in India?

Gaana has made its popularity over the last 2 years in India, and it has been used by all the users for listening to and streaming music. JioSaavn and Wynk and being used after this music streaming service.

Which music app is free and best in India?

There are the following top 5 best music apps.
• Gaana
• JioSaavn
• Spotify.
• YouTube Music.
• Wynk.

Which one is better, Wynk or Gaana?

Gaana is currently the best music streaming app in India, whereas Wynk can be considered as 2nd best app for streaming free music in India.
Updated: May 19, 2022 — 5:26 pm

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