5 Best Offline Messaging Apps in 2022 for Android & iPhone

Messaging is the best and easiest way possible to quickly communicate with someone you wish to and get a response instantly without wasting time. The internet has made everything faster and quicker, due to which messaging has grown to a whole new level. But what if you have no internet connectivity or you are in a place where you cant get access to an internet connection?

In such cases, you will want an offline messaging app from which you can leave a message to your friend and tell him that you are unable to reach or leave any message that is suitable easily. for such a situation, we found the best offline messaging app that you can use for connecting with your loved ones even when you are not connected to the internet.

Best Offline Messaging Apps 2021

Here is the best apps list for messaging when you are offline.


Bridge - Best Offline Messaging App
Bridge – Best Offline Messaging App

One of the best and commonly used apps for offline messaging is the Bridge that became popular for its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly interaction. This app was initially used by Hong Kong protectors to avoid any type of internet censorship that was meant to be imposed by China. The app has great features that are mentioned here.


  • It has a messaging service that is divided into three types which include; Person interaction, Broadcast mode, and a Mesh mode for chatting and communicating offline.
  • The UI is the best that you can find with a messaging app, and you can select your contacts to send group messages as well as single messages too.
  • There are emojis and other textual style options with this app that you can include.


Briar - Best offline messaging app
Briar – Best offline messaging app

For android users, another best offline messaging app is the Briar that provides a very secure and easy interaction to provide communication between two users without the requirement of any internet or Wifi services. This app was specially designed for journalists and activists so that they can have secure communication with their teams. The feature of this messaging app is.


  • It is an offline messaging app that doesn’t require any web or internet connection to send or receive messages.
  • It can form a mesh network with the use of Wifi and Bluetooth features in a mobile that provides an easy flow of your messaging.
  • The messaging process on this app is secure and protected from all types of intruders or third-party interaction.
  • It uses a Tor network for syncing that keeps the data of a user secure from surveillance, and there is no screenshot option on this app, and your mobile isn’t allowed to take the screenshot as well.

Fire Chat

Firechat - Best offline messaging app
Firechat – Best offline messaging app

Fire Chat is our next recommendation as a good offline messaging app that provides a simple peer-to-peer messaging option that is secured from both ends. You don’t require an internet connection for sending messages through this app, and you can even add images in the text that you send to your friends. It doesn’t matter if you are anywhere; the messaging is never stopped. The features of this offline messaging app are.


  • You have secure chats from both ends in a peer-to-peer connection.
  • The mesh network that is formed with this app is also secure, and messages are kept confidential.
  • The app works in all types of environments and places without any problem.
  • It can make use of both Bluetooth and Wifi radio to form a better and stronger connection for your communication.

Peer Chat

PeerChat - Best offline messaging app
PeerChat – Best offline messaging app

Peer chat is your next stop to choose as the best offline messaging app that has been loved by people due to its privacy and simplicity with its use. It is an app for iPhone that provides a secure chat option with good chat features, and it may not be popular as other apps, but it still has all the same features as other offline messaging apps.


  • The mesh networking that is used by this app is the same as other apps, and it forms a connection with the support of Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.
  • The messaging in this chat is secured with peer-to-peer connections, and users also have the option to do broadcast messaging.
  • The data transmission that takes place in this app is encrypted, and it is ensured that the data of a user stay protected and safe at all costs.
  • There are no updates that are recently released for this app, but still, it provides a secure and encrypted environment where your data stays within your protected chats.

Near Peer

Near Peer - Best offline messaging app
Near Peer – Best offline messaging app

The last recommendation on the list of best offline messaging app is the Near Peer app. This is available for android users where they can use Wifi radio to create its mesh network for communication, and you can freely send messages to your peers. You can get indulged in private chats or group chats using this app with its great features.


  • The near-peer app allows a user to get in private chats and stay secured from any third-party involvement.
  • Users have the option to do group messaging and broadcasting.
  • You can form mesh networks easily with this app.


This was a discussion about the best offline messaging apps that provide secure and encrypted offline transfer of data and info through messages. We discussed all the free apps available for the users, and for more details, you can leave your review or comment us in the box below.


What is the best offline messaging app?

The best app for messaging offline are the following.
• Bridge.
• Messenger.
• Briar.
• Two Way: Walkie Talkie.
• Rumble.
• Serval Mesh.

What is the best offline app for Android phones?

Here is the list of best offline apps that people can use on their android phones.
• Read Articles Offline: Pocket.
• Offline Podcasts: Google Podcasts.
• Travel Offline: Google Maps.
• Listen to Music Offline: Spotify.
• Browse RSS Feeds Offline: RSS Reader.

Can we still send text messages without wifi data?

Yes! You can use different offline messaging apps like bridge, briar or any other.
Updated: May 19, 2022 — 5:25 pm

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