Best Free Photo Editing Software Which You Can Use in 2022

Photo editing software has great demand as they help to enhance the pictures that are taken from a camera or a phone, and effects are used to give them a different touch. This software is useful to improve images that might have some flaws or something that is affecting the picture. People search for free photo editing software that can provide the best accessibility and features so that they can get a better experience with the best photo editing.

In case you also want to know about the best free photo editing software, then we have made the best options list for you in this discussion.

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Best Free Photo Editing Software

Following is the list of best free photo editing software that can enhance your photos easily.


GIMP - Free Photo Editing Software
GIMP – Free Photo Editing Software

GIMP is the first and free photo editing software on our list because of its easy-to-use features and good interface that helps a user to easily manage things and adjust everything according to his will. It can be considered as the best other option to photoshop because of its features that are for free, and you don’t have to make any subscriptions for them as well. The features of this free photo editing software are.


  • It’s an improved photo editing software that has a dedicated window that displays the effects and changes that you make on your desired picture.
  • There are floating docks on the screen having a toolbox to help you quickly adjust and make changes to a picture from where you can manage layers and make some paths using brushes etc.
  • It is suitable to use on any platform such as Windows or macOS and also with the Linux OS.
  • It provides a better and clear display on the big monitor screen and helps you to scale or add a bucket and brush colors to your image along with a numerous number of free filters and effects.


Pixlr - Free Photo Editing Software
Pixlr – Free Photo Editing Software

Pixlr has a great name as a free photo editing software, and people have been using this free software for a long time. It provides all the essential editing tools free of cost, and you get to add free stickers and layers as much as you want easily. It can be upgraded to the premium version for an additional cost, but the free form has all the creative features. These features are.


  • Its simple and quick photo editing software that provides all options for scaling, editing, designing along with coloring options on your home screen.
  • There is a drawing tool option and brush for adding custom designs.
  • You can add free stickers and filters to your selected images.
  • You can add more layers as you want using this free photo editing software.
  • It provides easy access to 24 useful tools for photo editing, and you can add blur effect, sharpening effect along with clone photos, and a lot more.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile App

Adobe - Free Photo Editing Software
Adobe – Free Photo Editing Software

Adobe has a famous name for its photo editing software, and lightroom is one of the most widely used software for free photo editing on a mobile phone. This tool is so versatile that it can enhance the color tones and all types of dark and light shades from a picture and provide a smooth and better quality image to your need. The amazing features of this photo editing tool are.


  • You can manually make adjustments on a picture for the dark and light effects.
  • You can add color tones and change the hues of a picture according to your choice.
  • You can add multiple photos and layers and crop or adjust them along with various sharpening and smoothing options.
  • There is a customization option for providing colors and clear effects for the images.
  • Everything is easy to control with a simple slider option given to change the intensity of anything.
  • There is an additional HDR effect for the pictures, and there are automatic edit options to give your picture a better and enhanced touch.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express - Free Photo Editing Software
Photoshop Express – Free Photo Editing Software

Photoshop Express is another free photo editing software with all the tools and gadgets on the screen to use on a picture and edit it according to your will. There is no price for this free photo editing software, and there are various choices to quickly add your photo and crop or adjust its angle along with contrast and basic adjustment of a picture. The features of this photo editing tool are.


  • There is a one-touch fix for your photos that can quickly enhance your picture in a click.
  • There are packs of effects to apply to your pictures and get satisfactory results.
  • There are crop and transformation options along with different editing options with orientation and focus settings.
  • You can make custom adjustments to your new project and finish it instantly with quick tools.


This was a discussion about free photo editing software that provides a benefit for editing photos without wasting time and money. We shared info on the best editing choice for photos that is the software available without any subscription and cost to use the effects. For more detail, use this software yourself to know better about them.


Which is the best free photo software?

You can consider GIMP as the best photo software.

Which are the best free photo editing software’s for PC?

• BeFunky
• Photoshop Express –
• Canva
• Pixlr.
• Fotor
• Gimp
• Inpixio Photo Clip

Can I rely on free photo editing software to edit my pictures?

You can use free photo editing software to edit and save your pictures as the best editors like GIMP and Pixlr offer various features for editing very easily.
Updated: May 19, 2022 — 5:25 pm

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