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There are times when you are listening to a song randomly and all of a sudden you like the tune of the music, which makes you want to know about the name of the song. But unfortunately, for some reason, you can’t get to access its name, which leaves you wondering that there should be apps to identify songs.

Under these conditions, you want an app that matches the tune exactly as it is and identifies which song title is it or which music is being played so that you can get it downloaded on your system without any worries. Here we made a list of the best apps to identify songs for you.

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Best Apps to Identify Songs

Take a look at the recommendation of the best apps that can help you in identifying the songs.


Shazam - Songs Recognition App
Shazam – Song Recognition Apps

The best and top-rated app for identifying music is Shazam. This app is owned by Apple.Inc and it has been the most used app for identifying any music or song that is being played nearby any users. It has a very clean and useful interface that doesn’t have any extra buttons or texts, and there are no promotions as well. There is just a simple tap button in the middle of the home screen of the Shazam App that you have to press to identify a song.

The button has the Shazam logo on it that simply requires a tap to start hearing the sound that is being played and identify which music it is. It has the following features.

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Features of Shazam

  • There is a decent and simple interface that only includes a big button that says “touch to shazam,” and it does the job for you.
  • It can access almost any music type that is being played near your device and identify its origin for you.
  • The identified music or song can be shared or played for later use.
  • The song that is identified is shown with a complete description like its genre and the singer, along with the album it was released in.
  • You can search as many tracks as you want to all day with this app.
  • There is no account registration requirement with this app.
  • You can create your own playlist for the recently searched music in your Shazam app history.
  • You can connect Apple Music, and Spotify accounts with it in order to play the identified songs from this app.
  • There is also an auto shazam option that automatically starts to identify the song whenever your device experiences any music interference nearby.


Musicmatch - Song Recognition Apps
Musicmatch – Song Recognition Apps

Another app that is used for identifying music is Musixmatch which has been popularly used for its versatility and very light interface. It was even paired with Spotify in the past to provide lyrics to various songs. This app is a focus on lyrics that can instantly search and identify the song the moment it starts to hear the lyrics of any music video or audio. It is widely used just to search the music where it has a lot of great features too.

Check: Musixmatch

Features of Musixmatch

  • You get to browse top releases and the latest trending top charts from the songs that would hit your heart deeply.
  • It can be connected with Spotify, Apple Music, or even with Amazon Music to access the songs from the library with their lyrics.
  • There is a contribute tab available that is used to add lyrics for certain songs in case you find a song that doesn’t have synced lyrics to the music. It can be used for translating the lyrics into any other language.
  • There is a history tab for storing links and searched music that you recently were looking for.
  • The tagged song automatically starts to play once it is found.
  • It comes with a premium option with $3/month for the users that includes benefits like saving lyrics for offline use, and it also removes the ads automatically.


SoundHound - Song Recognition Apps
SoundHound – Song Recognition Apps

SoundHound is a famous name as an app that identifies the song perfectly as soon as it is heard. This app is a great competitor to other music-identifying apps. You get a beautiful interface that displays all the crucial info of a song once you detect it with a southhound. The features of this app are.

Check: SoundHound

Features of SoundHound

  • There is a button at the home page that the user has to tap in order to start tagging the sound.
  • There is support for voice controls in this app.
  • There is a voice startup which means you can use voice control by saying Hey Soundhound, and it will start to listen to the music.
  • There are collections of the hottest music and latest releases with their info that users can play and enjoy.


This was a discussion about the best apps to identify songs, and we discussed the best options such as Shazam, Musixmatch, and Soundhound. All these apps ensure that you get to the right song or music once it is heard and identified.


What are good applications to identify songs?

The best applications to identify music and songs are.
• Shazam
• Genius
• SoundHound
• Musixmatch

Is there an app to identify a song by just humming it?

Soundhound is an app that can identify a song easily, even by humming it. This app is versatile to search for its library and find the exact match of the song by just its humming sound.

Can you hum a song to Shazam?

Shazam only allows the user to find the song if they are being played by the original artist. It cant find a song if a user is humming or singing it.

How can you find a song that you don’t know the name of?

There are easy song-identifying apps to use.
• Shazam.
• SoundHound.
• Google Sound Search.

Can I hum a song to SoundHound?

Soundhound is a versatile song-identifying app that can even understand a song just by humming it.
Updated: July 31, 2021 — 3:45 pm

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